The Best Winter Coat and Jacket Trends for Women in 2017

Winter Fashion Blog Post

When it comes to dressing, every woman should look for a style that fits their bodies and makes them look (and feel) good as well. Dressing up does not necessarily just include the clothes, shoes or even the makeup you wear, but also your coats and jackets. The jacket and coat styles I’m going to cover in this post are appropriate for women who are interesting, love to travel, for the regular suburban women and also those who are living on a budget – everyone, basically!

These are appropriate for different seasons and as we all know, a good jacket or coat is what will make people see the kind of style you have and how they should view you. So make sure it looks good and classy!

These trendy jackets are;

  1. The belted coat and jackets

This trend makes it to our number one choice. Belted jackets and coats make a woman look sexy by giving her a good shape. For example, if you are curvy, it will make your curves pop out and look proportional at the same time. When buying such clothes, ensure that they are the right fit and that the belt is buckled on the waist to illustrate your waist line and also to narrow the torso. If the size of the jacket requires changes, make sure you take it to an experienced tailor to help you with that.

  1. Military style coats

Unlike before where people believed that military jackets were only suitable for military men or women, with time people have embraced this trend. When it comes to this fashion, find a coat that has brass buttons and piping details as well. For those who are cautious about the look, find a jacket that is peplum to give you that feminine look.

  1. Double breasted coats

Double breasted coats and jackets are designed in so many shapes and styles to choose from. Therefore, select a jacket that fits your shape, height, and your taste as well. Some important things that can help you decide the best double breasted jacket for your body are the buttons and the size. For example, if you’re short, buy a short jacket that is in a shape of a pea coat. For plus sized women, long jackets are the best since they make you look slimmer on the torso and hips. For those who are short and wide, choose a coat that fits you well that does not draw attention to your larger hips and torso.

  1. Shearling Jackets

Although shearling jackets are on trend right now, it is important for you to know that they are a bit bulky. The jackets are quite warm, hence suitable for winter seasons and are also a great fit for tall women. There are different styles of shearling so select the one you are comfortable wearing and that makes you look good too.

fur coat

  1. The fur coat trend

You can never go wrong with wool whether it is real or fake, especially if you go with bold colors such as green or magenta. For those on a budget, or those against real fur, make sure that you buy high quality jackets as some faux fur tends to fall apart!

  1. Oversized hipster coats

One thing I have realized is that people have really started to embrace long coats and they are becoming incredibly trendy. This look is especially suitable for ladies who are tall as it is easy for them to pull off the look due to their size. Another thing to note is that you don’t have to drain all your savings trying to buy a tall designer jacket since you can find incredibly affordable ones at your local stores. Also, note that this look is not always suitable for women who are shorter, but if you can pull off the look still then go for it!

suede poncho

  1. Ponchos and blanket coats

Blanket poncho jackets are a fantastic trend for women of all shapes and sizes. The important detail to keep in mind when buying this jacket is its length and the drape. These two aspects are very crucial, and it’s also advisable that you try the jacket at the store before you buy it to ensure it’s a good fit.

fur trim cape

  1. Capes

The cape is another jacket that requires you to pay more attention to the size and the drape. It can make you look like a movie star if it is the right fit and at the same time make you look bad if it’s not well-fitting. So consider your body type before you buy. The colors and patterns should also be taken into consideration when purchasing capes too as they define good fur trim capes!

The most important things for women to look out for when buying clothes at this time of the year are their body types. Not all trends can work well with your body and therefore look for the clothes that flatter your figure. Some of the above-discussed jackets and coats may work for tall women and others for short women, so all I can advise you to do is try out the jacket while at the store to make sure it’s a good fit.

Your coat is the first thing that people will see as the rest of your clothing is covered by it, so make sure that first impression is a good one!

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