Why You Should Buy Original Art Over Reproductions

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For most people, purchasing art is quite informal. They don’t plan and budget to buy a piece of art; they just bump on a lovely piece at the store and they abruptly make a purchase. Hardly do they make any effort to know more about the quality of the art. What is the history behind the art? Is it an original art or is it just any other reproduction? These are questions that most home owners should be asking when buying a piece of art for their homes. Asking these questions is so important because you will know exactly what kind of art you are buying before you decorate a space. That way you are bound to make the right decision. In this article we shed light on why you should buy original art over reproductions.

What is the difference between original art and reproductions? 

Original art is that piece of art that is made by the artist himself ; a handcrafted masterpiece from an artist. This content is not only original but also very creative. It is one of a kind. A masterpiece!

A reproduction on the other hand is a duplicate of the original piece of art usually duplicated by machines in large quantities. These duplicates are of low quality and are cheaper than original art.

Why You Should Buy Original Art Over Reproductions

It is unique and scarce

Original art is a rare commodity. You will hardly find other versions of the artwork. When buying a piece of art, the last thing you want is to have imitations of art. You will want something that is rarely seen, a piece of art that will look attractive to your visitors. Something special and valuable. Reproductions are duplicated contents that are owned by thousands of people hence are less valuable.

Is of a higher Quality

In creating original artwork an artist puts in a lot of effort. He may spend a long period to make the final piece of artwork. This efforts ensure the artwork is finely made; in such a way that they meet high quality standards. That is why they are sold at a higher price. On the other hand reproductions are made in large quantities hence are made using cheap materials. They use commercial inks rather than acrylic paints. Due to this, the quality is always compromised. It appears to have a much “flatter” look when compared to the original art.

Has a Deeper Sense of Wealth and Personality

Having a unique piece of art in your living room will add that depth and richness that you have been longing for. It will evoke feelings of wealth and personality in your home. An original art will fill your room much better as compared to a flat poster reproduced by machines.

They have a rich story behind

Buying an original art, brings with it an adventure. If you are lucky you may meet the artist in person and listen to their story behind the artwork. This is because the process of making an original artwork is mind boggling for the artist. As you identify the story behind the original art, you will be able to explain this to your guests. This help you interact well with your guests.


As seen above, original pieces of artworks can add a lot of bloom to a room. They will not only help you fill the empty wall space in your home, but also bring a sense of depth of richness. Therefore, if you are embarking on a project to decorate your house, don’t run for cheap reproductions rather, spend some resources in looking for original pieces of art. Just know what art you want, allocate a budget and identify where you want to place the art and you are good to go!

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