The Pros and Cons of Inflatable Hot Tubs

inflatable hot tub ratings

There are numerous advantages and just as many disadvantages that one has to consider while looking to purchase an inflatable hot tub. Their specific situation, how and when they intend to use the hot tub as well as their specific taste will help them come to a decision. Below are some tips to consider before you make your final decision to buy or not.

The advantages

  • One of the best things that inflatable hot tubs come with is excellent flexibility. As a matter of fact, they are not only flexible, you can very easily break it down and move it absolutely anywhere you would like, either in or out of your yard. You not only have to choose between a solid, portable, above ground hot tub model or the in ground model anymore, now there is a better option to buy. If you also consider the inflatable hot tub ratings you will know how much people are enjoying them.
  • Unlike the permanent hot tub, the inflatable tub normally doesn’t run off the regular 120 volt electricity. Its operating costs are also very likely to be a lot lower compared to what you would get with an inbuilt hot tub.
  • If you are a person who likes to travel and have no need for a permanent hot tub, the inflatable hot tub will be a great choice for you. This is because you will be able to take it with you to your vacations and you can relax regardless of where you are.
  • A permanent in-ground hot tub is a whole lot expensive compared to an inflatable tub. While the in-ground spa could cost a huge amount of $15,000 or more, an inflatable hot tub will cost you even less than $500.
  • You can also shut it down if you only prefer to use it seasonally. You will have no running nor maintenance costs, unlike the case of inbuilt hot tubs. In addition to all this, it is also very soft to sit on unlike hard concrete or plastic.

The disadvantages

  • Durability or the lack of it is one of the biggest disadvantages in inflatable hot tubs. If you compare it to a solid hot tub, it can never be the same and will not last as long.
  • The fact that they use less power could also be a con because it will take much time to heat up.
  • They do not come with real water jets and only use fans in order to blow the air. This is also due to the low power band the materials they are made from lose heat a lot faster than regular tubs.
  • Being that portability is one of the main pros when it comes to inflatable hot tubs, you will a so have to deal with draining the water, deflating the tub, moving it to the new location, inflating it again, refilling it and waiting for it to heat up every time you make a move. Of course with an air compressor inflating or deflating is not a big deal but it will still cost you time to refill and reheat.

If you do not intend to move it too much or you expect to spend long hours in the tub, an inflatable hot tub will not work for you. However, you should also consider the inflatable hot tub ratings to see how people are fairing.

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